About Us

A bespoke service to meet all your needs

About Us

Chancery Wall Financial Services are based in Stanmore, Middlesex and have extensive experience managing the wealth of individuals, families, entrepreneurs and executives.

We advise both individuals and businesses with a comprehensive range of retirement planning advice and investment services. Our local knowledge means that we can offer a personal and bespoke service to meet all your needs and to help turn your financial vision into a reality.

We make our recommendations based on the most appropriate product providers we work with.

Planning Client

We provide a full lifestyle financial planning process. This involves completing a series of lifestyle questionnaires and in-depth discussions about your goals, aspirations and legacy aims (how your wish to earn, spend, save, invest and bequeath your assets). Upon completion of this initial plan, we’ll create your bespoke financial plan and provide a detailed financial plan that’s flexible enough to adapt to your changing circumstances.

Focused Advice Client

In some situations, you may want to just focus on a specific area of your finances instead of going through the entire planning process. In these situations, we also provide clients with advice on a specific area, and these are treated as focused advice cases where the relevant cautions of not having an ongoing relationship with a member of our wealth management and financial advisory team are highlighted.

For our existing clients, we offer a full in-depth service if required. For all new clients, from the outset, we recommend they benefit from our full lifestyle financial planning and wealth management process.


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