Wills and Power of Attorney

Are you and your family protected should the worst happen?

Wills and Power of Attorney

Do you need help managing the financial affairs or health decisions for you or a relative?

If you are concerned what will happen to your loved ones and estate after you have passed away, making a Will is important to ensure your money, property, possessions and investments go to the people and good causes you care about. Ideally, you should write your Will at the earliest opportunity.

If you do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and you become unable to express your decisions, it can be very challenging for you and your family. The people who you would like to make your choices, such as your family, are not able to automatically take control of your affairs. The legal process of applying for a Deputyship can be time-consuming, expensive and the Courts may not necessarily appoint the person you would have chosen to act as an attorney.

In order to avoid such situations please talk to us about granting Lasting Powers of Attorney to someone you trust.

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